About Us

In the intense of its kind in the state, The club one has created a chain of affiliated clubs & resorts all over India.

The club one is a Bangalore based promoting organization. We are the only promoters from Bangalore who make sure that each and every member is profitable with our unique strategies and also maintain permanent relationship with them.

We have a clear and well directed focus towards every individual’s requirement in the field of hospitality services and specialized in delivering the same with our team work, dedication and commitment. We, pioneers in particularly club membership and ability in managing team outing, provide various holiday packages with some special features.

Why to Choose Us

  • We are only promoters from Bangalore giving turnkey benefits under single membership.

  • We are affiliated with standard clubs and resorts across various destinations.

  • As our name suggest, our mission is to provide various benefits in enjoying the facilities of all our clubs and resorts.

  • Any destination of your choice, The club one membership has holiday package.

  • The one and only motto of The club one is “customer service”.